Examples of Activities


The following examples may give you an idea of the wide range of activities possible during a visit to

The Bridge Mill

Bude Infant School visited us on three days during their Arts Week.

This is what they did:

 Weaving with willow and found natural materials

   Sketching the landscape

  Collecting patterns/digital photography  

      Collages using found materials

Collecting textures/bark rubbing

 A colours of the rainbow scavenger hunt

          Fibres, yarns, spinning and knitting in “The story of a woolly jumper

Looking at natural dyes and dyeing

as well as finding natural pigments (in berries, flower petals and the soil) to make pictures, and digging natural clay from the field to make pots

A week to remember!



 Holsworthy Primary School (Years 5 and 6) visited during their Science Week to look at how mills and waterwheels worked and to test some waterwheels they had made in school.

Although it was a rather wet day, the children didn't mind at all!


Shebbear Primary School KS2 came dressed as Vikings!

            Cooking on an open fire 

     Plant medicines viking style!

  The story of Beowulf  

      Building with wattle and daub

Viking dyes and the story of a woolly tunic!

Grinding wheat with a rotary quern



Bridgerule School KS2 made a study of the River Tamar

Stratton KS2 children spent a creative morning by the river writing poems


             Roots of the trees                                                    River cat,                                              Tall trees together

           Brown and green,                                           Some jet, some white,                                     The ash and the oak

    Claws dipping into the water,                   Hunting the blind and velvet moles,                          Beastly, two headed            

                Dinosaur.                                                       Watching                                                     Standing guard



Highampton School KS2 visited during their environmental awareness week


Making minibeasts from natural materials without using sellotape or glue!

The winners of the "Greenest Lunch" competition



Pyworthy Primary School made a film of the River Tamar and set it to music


 Woolsery Primary School visited when the ducks were nesting

The children made their own nests



St Giles on the Heath after school environment club came to the mill to study and date the hedges

Measuring the hedge and counting the species

                                                             Finding out about hedge laying and coppicing



After their farm walk the Teenage Holiday Club (Special Needs) cooked sausages for lunch then enjoyed a camp-fire sing-song


Holsworthy Family Workshop made bears on sticks before going off round the farm on a bear hunt


We enjoy exploring other stories too:


Marhamchurch pre-school enjoyed the story of the Five Little Pigs and the big bad wolf

              The Five Little Pigs                               Building a house of straw                         Building a house of sticks

I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in!                                                   Wilf, the big bad wolf!

                                                                               Into Mr MacGregor’s garden

                           The little hen and the grains of wheat

Where is the troll hiding?

Once we even found a Gruffalo!



Stratton Primary School reception class visit nearly every year in September to find out about the Little Red Hen at the mill

  The Red Hen Rap (in the rain)!

                          Off to meet the other animals in the story

                Is the miller in?

                           Grinding the wheat for the Little Red Hen!


 Many of the schools that visit in the summer like to explore the fields

Looking for minibeasts                                                                  Hiding in the grass......................and rushes                                               

 Rolling down the hill                      

        Scavenger hunt 

       Picking buttercups ................does Jetsam like butter?

and the ponds

Searching for tiny froglets

Improvised play!

                      What have we caught?

    Large toad! 


 Brownies Wildlife Explorer badge


The animals are popular  with all ages    

Marhamchurch School made scarecrows

 Bookings are being taken for 2020.

Don't hesitate to ring Katie on 01288 382803 if there is something in particular you would like to do on a visit to the Bridge Mill.

We like every visit to be different!

Here are some more examples



They measured the depth and flow of the water, played "Poohsticks" and had a lovely paddly time

Highampton school visited when they were        

                studying the Tudors

             Marhamchurch Brownies enjoyed cooking marshmallows on a campfire


      Can you see any bears?

The Launceston Memory Cafe visited in the summer, and after walking around the gardens and looking at the mill they enjoyed a cream tea.

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